3-in-1 Phone Camera Lens - Fish-Eye / Macro / Wide-Angle

3-in-1 Phone Camera Lens - Fish-Eye / Macro / Wide-Angle

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You know what sucks about most regular Phone Camera Lenses? They only have one lens. No options at all - just the same angle in every picture you take. How boring does it make most photos look? We'll answer that: SUPER BORING.

You know what makes your pictures look fabulous? The 3-in-1 Phone Camera Lens! It has 3 lenses and lets you adapt to any situation to make the best pictures for the best memories with a device that fits into your pocket. 

Compatible with Apple iPhone's and Samsung 6+7 amongst other Smartphones.



Key Features

    • Portable and detachable - you can take photo with your devices at any time
    • Works on most types of mobile phones
    • Produced with high clarity photo glass and top-grade Aluminium

The Package includes:

1 X Universal Lens Base Clip
1 X 180 Degree Fish-Eye Lens
1 X 0.67X Wide-Angle Lens
1 X Macro Lens
1 X bag for lens store and glass lens cleaning.

Note: DUE TO VERY HIGH DEMAND, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.